Mens Ministry
Ecclesiastes 3 speaks of a time to “build up” and a time “to laugh.” We believe both are necessary ingredients in men’s lives as well. At WCBC our goal is to build men into servant leaders by creating venues that speak to the core of who men are and what God says they need to become. 

 When you participate in Men’s Ministry you can expect to be encouraged, challenged, experience brotherhood, be involved in hands on projects, and have a lot of fun! 

Mens Bible Studies

Discipleship Essentials by Greg Ogden

Young Men's Bible Study
Monday's, Off-Campus, @ 6-7PM

Men's Bible Study

Led by Robert Gosselin
Wednesday's, Room 223, @ 6-7pm

Band of Brothers

Led by Don Spence
Thursday's, Building 7, @ 7:00pm

     Intentional Father Tools                    Intentional Husband Tools

     The Intentional Father                      The Intentional Husband     
           Prayer with Kids                                        LOVE AND RESPECT 
       Family Time Sampler                             PRAYING WITH YOUR WIFE
      Teens Open Dialogue                                        HONEY-DO LIST
    Father Son Adventures                      NEW MARRIAGE CONNECTION

Tools for Men Pointers

How to be the spiritual leader in the home

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Led by West Conroe men who have discovered purpose and direction for their life, and are ready to share their experiences with you to help you take your next step.